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PSC continues along its bully track

PSC continues along its bully track

Dear Editor One wonders what next will the Private Sector Commission (PSC) be publicizing itself as, as it again arrogates to itself, a particular function, which clearly does not fall within its remit – that of presidential advisor. This refers to “PSC wants President to make public concession”, News Source, June 17, 2020.

Jeber Barreto

Such a demand is absurd, as it is obscene, and supports a continuous pattern of disrespect to the person of the President. It would seem, that the PSC is also performing the functions of the Guyana Elections Commission, to the extent of being a part of its official decision-making process. One is certain that the Ministry of the Presidency will be responding to this latest piece of bullyism, as highlighted by the CARICOM TEAM IN ITS REPORT, IN DESCRIBING THE PSC’S MODUS OPERANDI; but not before I state the following – memory does not recall former president, Donald Ramotar, being asked to fulfill this similar protocol in May, 2015

But it is to a further statement, by its bully-in-chief, Gerry Gouveia, that must be answered

And here is another subverter of the truth, and a grave insult to the Guyanese people: … democracy has prevailed and that the people’s voice has been heard and acknowledged protected by the Constitution which governs the country”

Editor, this undoubtedly refers to the Recount, particularly CARICOM’S unprofessional and cockeyed findings

The Gouveias of the PSC are absolutely political delusionists, politically dishonest and mentally distorted to be ascribing the description of ‘democratic’’ to a process which has been found to be overwhelmingly fraudulent, and fully supported by all the necessary evidence which came from the ballot boxes; such as the in excess of 41 boxes, denuded of their statutory documents which cannot lend to any kind of reconciliation; voter impersonation, and other undemocratic acts that are clearly criminal

Regards Earl Hamilton