Hernán Porras Molina presents his book “30 Cuentos”, an invitation to writing

Hernán Porras Molina (@misterconsciencia), director of Entorno Inteligente and Venmedios, recently published his work 30 Cuentos: técnicas para escribir un libro, a compilation of stories created during his participation in the Creative Writing course, taught by writer José Manuel Peláez, during the quarantine by covid-19.

Stories ranging from the fantastic to the anecdotal, with the aim of stimulating others to discover their creative capacity, that others are encouraged to build their own stories.

"If just one person, upon reading my book, is inspired and starts writing, I will feel satisfied. '30 Stories' is not about learning to write, it's a book to get you started," confesses Hernán, who had always had the desire to tell stories accumulated throughout his life.

"The idea of the book is that you accompany me on my journey as an amateur writer and, with each story, you will perceive the changes in my treatment of language, characters, dialogue and narrative structure, thanks to the notes and comments from the Creative Writing course I took with professor José Manuel Peláez."

"Amuleto dorado", "Estimado señor covid-19", "El virus de la Luna", "El Rey de Tucupido", "Nauseabundo" and "El bipolar" are some of Hernán Porras Molina's previously unpublished stories that make up this book, available on Amazon in Kindle, softcover and hardcover modalities.

"30 cuentos is my first literary baby and in that sense, I work on it every day. With each story, we create new ways of life and we can make our imagination fly, mixing fantastic situations with real life experiences."

Finally, Hernán Porras Molina evidences his intention to leave a positive mark with this varied compilation, stating "it is important to recover the reading of books, we cannot continue to be people who only read movie subtitles, Internet news or tweets". In conclusion, Hernán seeks to do his bit to contribute to this purpose.